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Sustainability 101 Course Outline


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Nancy Mancilla, Co-Founder of ISOS Group
Jennifer Roney, Founder of Reframe Solutions and Educator


Who should take this course?
This course is aimed at those who are new to the idea of sustainability and want to know not only why it’s the right thing to do, but also valuable for business. 

What you get:
One year’s access to our self-directed course introducing sustainability. The course is divided into 6 parts, each of which consists of detail textual notes and a “prezi” presentation – similar to an animated powerpoint.

More background:
Let’s start with a simple question, where do you start on your sustainability journey?  Each of us comes from a different set of experiences, with a different “need to know” about what sustainability is and how it affects our work and our lives.  Nancy Mancilla and I, Jennifer Roney, discovered this wide variety of knowledge and experience in our work with organizations embarking on their own sustainability journeys.  We identified a need for a course that provided both a shared knowledge about sustainability terminology and concepts but also introduced a set of practical tools and examples of how organizations are using these tools.   This course addresses that need.

Sustainability 101 is organized in six units: 
Unit 1 is an Introduction to sustainability, its importance and history.  Unit 2 describes a framework that outlines the four key issues that sustainability addresses, as well as how sustainability is integrated across many critical organizational functions.  Units 3 through 6 discuss each of the four key issue areas providing specific case examples and tools to address each issue.

Each unit consists of a narrated “Prezi” – similar to a powerpoint presentation. Beneath each Prezi are notes supporting the presentation.  Some prefer to watch the Prezi straight through and examine the notes later, while others prefer to pause the Prezi periodically.  It’s up to you!

Key Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of sustainability, what it entails, a bit of its history and why it is important for organizations across sectors
  • Recognize the ways sustainability supports identifying solutions to challenges across the breadth of organizational activities
  • Become familiar with a range of sustainability tools and begin to recognize how these tools can be applied to address organizational challenges

Nancy and I will narrate the course, which is being distributed in collaboration with Triple Pundit.    By way of introduction, Nancy Mancilla is founder of ISOS group, a sustainability consulting firm and Global Reporting Initiative  (GRI) Training partner.  I am a professor and consultant of sustainability and change management and work with ISOS group training businesses across the United States in GRI reporting.  We hope you enjoy.


Jennifer Roney

Length: 6 hours broken out into 1 hour segments.

Certified content:  no

Cost: $147 for lifetime access.   [REGISTER HERE]

Approach:  Presentation, exploration and contemplation

Materials: Prezi, References for additional reading, supplemental outline


Module 1 Sustainability 101
Unit 1 Introduction to sustainability, its importance and history
Unit 2 Making sustainability work for you
Unit 3 Efficiency
Unit 4 Risks
Unit 5 Product and Market
Unit 6 Intangibles
Unit 7 Conclusion & Feedback