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Sustainability Management Systems (Intro to SMS) Course Outline


This is a self paced, online course designed in 6 hour-long sessions. Registration is here.


Nancy Mancilla, Co-Founder of ISOS Group. 

Course objective: To encourage groups to look at sustainability in terms of:

  1. what’s material to your business and
  2. moving beyond just measuring and disclosing to starting to make that argument of value creation by managing internal systems.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the various definitions of sustainability and formulate what it means for the individual and the company/organization.
  • Understand the importance of utilizing a sustainability management system to help the organization minimize impacts and achieve ultimate sustainability goals.
  • Introduce the management model of “Plan- Do- Check- Act” for process orientation.
  • Become familiar with the various frameworks and tools available to develop a comprehensive system – allowing organizations pick what works for them.

Description: This self-paced course is aimed at encouraging groups to look at sustainability in terms of what’s material to day-to-day business activities and moving beyond just measuring and disclosing, to arguing for value creation by way of strengthened internal management systems. Participants will be instructed on the power of creating a definition of sustainability that is unique to the organization as a compass for moving forward, the importance of sustainability management systems, instituting a “Plan- Do- Check- Act” for process orientation, and an overview of tools available to help manage critical impacts.

This program is ideal for those who have already produced a Sustainability Report, play a key role in the organization’s sustainability efforts, and/or completed the GRI Certified Sustainability Reporting Course.

Participants will walk away feeling as if they have received solid understanding of the value of management systems to support sustainability-related activities and tools that would be interesting to look deeper into when structuring a program.

Length: 6 hours, broken down into 1 hour segments

Cost: Intro to SMS is being offered for $297 which includes unlimited access to the course and all updates that happen a few times a year. Please register here to get started.

Approach: Presentation, exploration and contemplation

Materials: Prezi, References for additional reading, supplemental outline

Target Audience: This course will be of particular interest to those who have already completed the GRI Certified Sustainability Reporting Course and/or have an already established sustainability program that they play a key role in.


Sustainability Management Systems (SMS)
Module 1 Sustainability Management Systems
Unit 1 Introduction to Sustainable Management Systems
Unit 2 SMS Hour 2: Plan
Unit 3 SMS Hour 3: Plan - Draft a sustainability policy
Unit 4 SMS Hour 4: Plan … continued
Unit 5 SMS Hour 5: Plan... + DO
Unit 6 SMS Hour 6: Check, Act
Unit 7 Feedback & Certificate

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